52 Weeks of Photography || Week 9

Week 9 (February 26 -March 3rd) came by real fast. It seems the days just fly by now as we get older. On the weekdays, we work at our first job, & just wishes for the weekend to arrive as it seems only memories are captured on the weekends 😦 There seems to be no time on the weekdays when you work long hours then come home, & must prepare and have dinner; because voila, it’s already time to get the kids in bed! Yet, the weekends are only two days, sometimes less as some of us have second jobs or first jobs that roll into the weekends. Therefore, capture every moment you can, memories fade fast, but photographs of everyday moments hold them still.

These photographs were actually taken on the 3rd.. oops, and I left Max out.. double oops. But they do capture wonder moments of Chance and his cousin who both turned 1 years old within a week of each other. NOTE – Chance may be bigger but he’s actually younger. 😛 The first cake smash on their birthday event was a bit… boring so we wanted better. Better cake –>; A giant CUPCAKE we baked! and lots of photos. Here’s a sneak at week 9’s events!!

About tracieyajphotography

A Great Artist in many fields... Art has been one of my greatest passion. It helps soothes the soul. Photography is another newfound creative artwork among others. My determination is to capture life and memories from a different perspective. My goal is to capture undistracted breath taking moments while keeping it affordable. Every one deserve great memories and I will help capture them!
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