My Maternity {Maternity Photography}

Here I am with 7 weeks to go till Baby Girl arrives!  It has sure been a long pregnancy through the 2 plus trimester of sickness while buying a home to vacationing in Hawaii.  Pregnancy is not fun for everyone, but the end result is amazing and always worth it. The ability to be a part of a grand miracle is so rewarding, words can’t always explain. Of course there comes the countless sleepless nights, the thousands of diapers and bottles, and the hair pulling, but all in all watching children learn, grow, and become a mirror of yourself (in a few ways at least) is the joy of parenthood.  My boys are welcoming a big change, a baby sister. Max is excited, he wants to talk and see baby (belly) all the time, but little does he know he has to once again share his Mommie. lol.

Enjoy the quick mini photoshoot – lots of credits to my amazing sister Zoey as always. belly2belly9belly7 belly3 belly4 belly5 belly6 bely1

About tracieyajphotography

A Great Artist in many fields... Art has been one of my greatest passion. It helps soothes the soul. Photography is another newfound creative artwork among others. My determination is to capture life and memories from a different perspective. My goal is to capture undistracted breath taking moments while keeping it affordable. Every one deserve great memories and I will help capture them!
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