Welcome! A note about M y s e l f !

Hello All and welcome to Tracie Yaj Photography’s web blog.  Here you will find a variety of my work ranging from family portrait photography to Fashion & Newborns, serving the Greater Sacramento, CA area.  My specialty is portrait photography with a touch of lifestyle and stylized.  99% of my specialty is in natural light photography.  I absolutely love the outdoors and the creativity you can build with mother nature. Photography is an artistry I’ve come to love and enjoy even more as I began my own little family.  Capturing breath-taking memories in awesome quality that makes me oooohh & ahhh became my ultimate mission.  I too, want everyone to be able to experience these great memories at prices that are the lowest and most affordable in the area.  Because we will always have memories embedded in our mind, photography helps embed those memories on print to be shared with friends, families, and ourselves.  It’s something to reflect upon, laugh, and make even memories.  Having something tangible is a lasting memory. I take great pride in my expertise, and want to extend it to everyone.

Be sure to visit the website for session pricing, galleries, and more!

Feel Free to comment and ask questions!

Tracie of Tracie Yaj Photography


Contact — traci.yajphotography@gmail.com // 916-606-4833

2 Responses to Welcome! A note about M y s e l f !

  1. cherie says:

    Hi there i have a question. I have a one month old new born and a one year old. I want a session with both my boys together. What price list should i look at. ?

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